Richelieu Brandy 700ml


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Richelieu Brandy – bred from the heart of selected grapes to a rich full-bodied bouquet. Rich, full-bodied brandy with a mellow, smooth taste. Richelieu brandy is perfect for sipping. Its mellow maturity flows from years in casks of Cognac oak.

Alcohol may only be purchased by persons of 18 or over. 

Alcohol should only be purchased for delivery to intended recipients (or persons who will accept delivery on behalf of the named recipient) who are aged 18 or over. Customers will be reminded that it is a criminal offence for a person under 18 to purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol and that it is also an offence to purchase alcohol on behalf of a person aged under 18.

If collecting from one of our marketsPlease be aware that as part of our “challenge 25” policy, you may be asked to provide ID to verify your age. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel all or part of your order if sufficient ID is not supplied upon request.

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